Introductions :)

Dear Reader,

    My name is Yasmin, I’m based in the UK, I’m twenty years old and have been a traveller since I was four months old, travelling and exploring are things I consider essential to fulfilling potential and living life, and I cherish every chance I get to adventure. I’m a student, so my trips are heavily influenced by my university semesters and exams, I’m not as free as I was before – but I seize every opportunity I get to visit a new country. I’m not necessarily talking about extravagant hotels and expensive flights to tropical islands in the middle of the Arabian sea. Not necessarily talking about lying on the beach, margarita in hand, surrounded by tall, dark, and well defined/voluptuous gods/goddesses falling at your feet (though that would also be nice!). No, I’m going to take you along for the adventure of a new trip!

     To me, it doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling to a free camp ground a few miles from home to explore the local scenery. Or whether you’re hitchhiking (please don’t take risks) across your country, relying solely on hostels and the hospitality of strangers to keep you going. To me it’s all aboutplunging into a new world, immersing yourself in the culture and the history of any place you visit, looking at your destination like an adventurer!

     I’m half Moroccan, my mother and her family are British (but she travelled a lot as a child, my grandfather was in the army) and my father was born and raised in Fes, Morocco (again, life took him around the world, my siblings too). So not only was I raised between two cultures, which I will be eternally grateful for, I’ve been raised with stories of other countries and customs. I think this has definitely contributed to my love for the world and history of countries. I’m now exploring and educating myself on the riches the world has to offer.

     I want to write this blog to offer my experiences of various cities, towns, communities and cultures to you. I want to offer practical advice should you ever want to visit these places, I want to offer places to visit for an interesting day out. Maybe deliver a culture shock or two along the way, inform you of the highlights and lowlights of each area. Mainly to depict the breath taking miracle that is our world.

     I’m going to spend some time back tracking, I’ve visited a fair few countries already and would truly love to share those experiences with you. I don’t have a trip planned for a few months so I’ll have time to blog about these experiences before I go on a new adventure. Other blog posts will vary depending on my location and the type of travel I’m doing. If I have access to wifi, I’ll post as and when things happen, otherwise I’ll post as soon as I have the facility. I’ll always keep you up to date with planned and spontaneous trips and I really hope we can enjoy these adventures together.

Speak soon,

Yasmin x552621_10151036958040369_2046455889_n